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Short Tips#0076: Do it before SUMIFS, COUNTIFS

Lesson#136: Learn how Remove Duplicates works

Here I will make you learn another good and easy feature of Excel, Remove Duplicates. In this post you will learn how Remove Duplicates in Excel works and when and why to use. See in the above picture I made

Lesson#135: MAXIF and MINIF with function IF

In this post I will show you to make two new functions. These are function MAXIF and MINIF. It means this formula will show the Maximum or the Minimum value when a criteria will be matched. Here I have put

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Lesson#134: Excel errors and why it shows

We know about errors in excel. We face different types of errors when working in excel. Today I will discuss about different types of errors and why it shows. #DIV/0! It’s meaning is division by zero. When a value is

Lesson#133: Auto numbering formulas in Excel

Hello friends. I am back with another interesting lesson. How to make auto numbering formulas in Excel. I named that formulas auto numbering because it helps to create automatic serial numbers. Now I am showing you these formulas with an

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Lesson#132: How to make the function SUMPRODUCTIF

In this post I will show you the trick to make the function SUMPRODUCTIF. We have SUMPRODUCT fuction in excel. But how to make a SUMPRODUCT fuction that follows criteria like SUMIF. Here I have made an example. Here’s how

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Short Tips#0075: How to find out complete blank rows in data sheet

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Lesson#131: Find out complete blank rows in data sheet

In this post I will show you a simple trick by which you can find out complete blank rows in data sheet. I have made an arbitrary sheet to describe. I have to find out only complete blank rows in

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Lesson#130: Paste special with skip blanks

Here I am having an example to show you the Paste Special with skip blanks. Serials are incomplete in both columns. In column A even numbers are absent and in column B odd numbers are absent. If you have to

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Lesson#129: An overview on Formula Auditing

Hello friend! I am going to share some information about Formula Auditing in Microsoft Excel. In the Formula ribbon you can get a group of features named Formula Auditing. It includes Trace Precedents Trace Dependents Remove Arrows Show Formulas Error

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