Lesson#116: How to name a range in excel

This post will teach you the basic concept of Name Manager. Here I will show how to name a range in excel. You can also create name for range, reference or formula to work in the spreadsheet easily. Above picture

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Short Tips#0053: Formulas by combining VLOOKUP, SMALL, LARGE

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Short Tips#0001: What to remember in VLOOKUP?

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Lesson#88: How to make a Payslip format from Employee database

So my friend, I will here discuss an important lesson which are really required for office people. That is how to make a salary slip from an employee database. This is not about salary slip only, we can make many

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Lesson#59: If A=1, Z=26 then calculate the value of your name

This sheet can calculate the value of your name or any word by summing every letter with alphabetical order. Here I have created a box to input a word. I have put this formula =LEN(B2) to calculate the length of the

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Lesson#52: Let’s check your lifeline with Excel

Just a different exercise of excel. I have downloaded a list country wise average life expectancy by WHO. Lets check where are we in our lifeline by this sheet. Lets take an input of date of birth from user. I

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Lesson#19: How to convert digit into word in excel

In this lesson we will learn a method to convert digit into word. I will use functions like CONCATENATE, VLOOKUP, SUM, IF, MOD, which were discussed in my previous posts. 1st Step I have made a list of relevant word phrase

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Lesson#17: How to use function IFERROR

Function IFERROR returns the value_if_error if expression is an error and the value of the expression or reference. Syntax of the function =IFERROR(value, value_if_error). Here I will give you small example. Here in the picture you can see that I made

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Lesson #13: Make a perfect SIP Planner in Excel

Hello friends! in this post I will give you an example of making a SIP planner in Excel. As you know there are so many apps in market to calculate SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) but it would be nice if

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Lesson #9: VLOOKUP explained

In this post function VLOOKUP explained here once more with a very simple example. VLOOKUP looks for the value in the leftmost column of a table. It means the lookup_value column should be placed at the right side of the

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