What is Protect Workbook?

Protect Workbook or Protect Sheet are made to prevent the workbook structure or sheet data from any unwanted change. You can add a password also to open the Workbook.

You have to go to Review tab and click on Protect Workbook in the Changes group.

 There this small window will appear. Here you can add a password to open the workbook. This will prevent the workbook structure from any unwanted change.





Now what is Protect Sheet? Obviously it protect a particular sheet. You can go to Review tab and click on Protect sheet in the Changes group.

There are another way to go to Protect Sheet. Click on any sheet tab below the sheet. Right click on it and click Protect Sheet.






 You can put a password to access the sheet editing. By default the sheet will allow the other users to select the locked or unlocked cells only.

But you can allow users to make these changes also if you ticked the options below.

  1. Select locked cells
  2. Select unlocked cells
  3. Format cells
  4. Format columns
  5. Format rows
  6. Insert columns
  7. Insert rows
  8. Insert hyperlinks
  9. Delete columns
  10. Delete rows
  11. Sort
  12. Use AutoFilter
  13. Use PivotTable and PivotChart
  14. Edit objects
  15. Edit Scenarios