Short Tips#0031: COUNTIF application on date

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Short Tips#0030: COUNTIF application on numbers

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Lesson#68: COUNTIFS and SUMIFS

COUNTIFS is a function to count those cells within a range which meets multiple criteria.Syntax of the function is COUNTIFS(criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2]…) criteria_range1 – This is the first range to evaluate. criteria1 – The criteria which to be used on criteria_range1. criteria_range2 –

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Lesson#67: Count cells having values between two dates

Here I am having a list of dates. Now I will show how to count cells having values between two dates. So I made here a list of months form Jan-18 to Dec-18. Then I have put this formula, =COUNTIFS($B$1:$B$22,”>=1/1/18″,$B$1:$B$22,”<=31/1/18″) This

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