Lesson#107: How did I add MS Project features in Excel project schedule

Here I will discuss a long topic about Excel gantt chart making. I will show how I made my excel chart work like ms project schedule by adding some basic features. Some basic features of ms project which I added

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Lesson#99: Formula to separate first name, middle name, last name from a full name

OK. I am back again with some crazy formula. Here in this post I will show you how to make a formula to separate first name, middle name, last name from a full name. Here in this above picture I have

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Lesson#52: Let’s check your lifeline with Excel

Just a different exercise of excel. I have downloaded a list country wise average life expectancy by WHO. Lets check where are we in our lifeline by this sheet. Lets take an input of date of birth from user. I

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Lesson#31: Current dynamic calendar for whole Year

This post is continuation for one of my previous posts Lesson#27: How to make a calendar in excel without VBA. I will show how to modify this calendar a little more and make it a current dynamic calendar for the whole

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Lesson#27: How to make a calendar in excel without VBA

In this post we will learn to make a calendar which will take input of month from 1 (JAN) to 12 (DEC) and year in numeric format and show the whole month calendar. 1st Step: Make a 2×2 table like

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Lesson#17: How to use function IFERROR

Function IFERROR returns the value_if_error if expression is an error and the value of the expression or reference. Syntax of the function =IFERROR(value, value_if_error). Here I will give you small example. Here in the picture you can see that I made

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