Short Tips#0010: Use of function TODAY and NOW

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Lesson#56: How to make birthday reminder in excel

Here I am having a employee database and I have to make a birthday reminder from it. It needs a little tricks to make it. I have inserted to columns beside the DOB column, Upcoming Birthdays this Month and Birthday Today In

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Lesson#31: Current dynamic calendar for whole Year

This post is continuation for one of my previous posts Lesson#27: How to make a calendar in excel without VBA. I will show how to modify this calendar a little more and make it a current dynamic calendar for the whole

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Lesson#25: Function WEEKNUM has a good use for construction people

Lesson 25 is a discussion about the function WEEKNUM. This function returns the week number in a year. Syntax of this function is WEEKNUM(serial_number,[return_type]) where serial_number is a date and [return_type] is optional. A number that determines on which day the week begins.

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Lesson#20: Making an age calculator in excel with DATEDIF function

In this post we will talk about a formula DATEDIF(). This formula is used to get the difference in days, months or years between two dates. In excel we are unable to find any help about the formula but it

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Lesson#16: Know about function TODAY, NOW, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND, YEARFRAC

Lesson#16 will introduce you with some more new function TODAY, NOW, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND, YEARFRAC. Function TODAY returns current date formatted as date.   Function NOW returns current date and time formatted as date and time. HOUR(serial_number) returns the hour as a number from 0 (12:00

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