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Short Tips#0051: How to make cumulative sum

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Short Tips#0020: Difference between SUM, SUMIF and SUMIFS

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Lesson#77: Scope breakup program schedule and explaining formula

Here I have got a case when my colleague was working with a project schedule. He had a schedule with start date, end date and scope and he had to breakup the scope month wise. With a long schedule this

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Lesson#60: Excel shows global warming

Here I have gathered 100 year’s precipitation and average temperature data from www.indiawaterportal.org. For example I have chosen a city Nagpur which is in the state of India, Maharashtra. I have a column beside the precipitation data to make the

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Lesson#59: If A=1, Z=26 then calculate the value of your name

This sheet can calculate the value of your name or any word by summing every letter with alphabetical order. Here I have created a box to input a word. I have put this formula =LEN(B2) to calculate the length of the

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Lesson#19: How to convert digit into word in excel

In this lesson we will learn a method to convert digit into word. I will use functions like CONCATENATE, VLOOKUP, SUM, IF, MOD, which were discussed in my previous posts. 1st Step I have made a list of relevant word phrase

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Lesson#2: Making and formatting table, SUM function and AVERAGE function

We will learn how to make a table with a simple mark-sheet example and we will learn SUM function and AVERAGE function. This is a table I have made. In left side there are names of students, on top subjects

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