What is Freeze Panes?

Freeze Panes is a very important feature which is required in spreadsheet. It’s better to keep it always in mind. It allows you to freeze rows or columns or both when you are scrolling down or scrolling right through out the spreadsheet.

Go to VIEW tab of the ribbon and here you will find  Freeze Panes. 

Clicking on the item shows you three options, Freeze Panes, Freeze Top Row, Freeze First Column.

When you need to freeze the top row only you can select Freeze Top Row.

This option freezes the top row even you scroll down to the most bottom of the spreadsheet.

When you need to freeze the first column only you can select Freeze First Column.

This option freezes the first column when you scrolling right throughout the spreadsheet.

Choose the option Freeze Panes when you want view to be freeze from any column or any row or both. (Example:- If you want view to be freeze from column E then select column F click on Freeze Panes, If you want view to be freeze from row 5 then select row 6 and click on Freeze Panes.)

When you want both columns and rows to be freeze click on the intersecting cell which is just at bottom of the rows to be freeze and just at the right of the columns to be freeze like it has shown in the picture left.

Then click on the Freeze Panes and columns and rows both will be freeze when you scroll down or scroll right.