Short Tips#0059: Don’t forget Text to Columns

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Lesson#104: Easiest method to separate words from text

Do you know which is the most easiest method to separate words form text? It is Text to Columns. Yes my friend, there is no other easiest way to do it. Now I show you how. Here I am having

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Lesson#101: Make hyperlink of all files and folders in worksheet within a minute

Here in this post I will show you how to make hyperlink of all files and folders in worksheet. This can be done very easily. Often we need to make the summary of soft copies and link those files in

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Lesson#84: Separate text in different columns easily

Here I will discuss about a very useful feature Text to Columns. We can use this feature to split the data in cells throughout the column and split it in many columns very easily. In the above picture we can

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