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Short Tips#0018: Know the functions DAY, MONTH and YEAR

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Lesson#56: How to make birthday reminder in excel

Here I am having a employee database and I have to make a birthday reminder from it. It needs a little tricks to make it. I have inserted to columns beside the DOB column, Upcoming Birthdays this Month and Birthday Today In

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Lesson#52: Let’s check your lifeline with Excel

Just a different exercise of excel. I have downloaded a list country wise average life expectancy by WHO. Lets check where are we in our lifeline by this sheet. Lets take an input of date of birth from user. I

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Lesson#31: Current dynamic calendar for whole Year

This post is continuation for one of my previous posts Lesson#27: How to make a calendar in excel without VBA. I will show how to modify this calendar a little more and make it a current dynamic calendar for the whole

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Lesson#15: Know about functions DATE, DAY, MONTH, YEAR

In this post we will talk about the functions DATE, DAY, MONTH, YEAR. DATE function converts date, month and year value into single line date format. Let me show you an example. I have written DAY, MONTH, YEAR for indicating

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