Lesson#15: Know about functions DATE, DAY, MONTH, YEAR

In this post we will talk about the functions DATE, DAY, MONTH, YEAR. DATE function converts date, month and year value into single line date format. Let me show you an example.

I have written DAY, MONTH, YEAR for indicating the space of entering value. Syntax of DATE is =DATE(year, month, day)


Then I have entered the formula =DATE(C4,C3,C2), where in  C4 cell I will put the value for year, in  C3 cell I will put the value for month, in  C2 cell I will put the value for day,

Changed the format of date by right clicking on the cell like the picture above.

That is how it looks when I input values in these cells.

Now I will show DAY, MONTH, YEAR function to extract the value of day, month or year from a date format.

Syntax =DAY(serial_number)
So the formula I have put =DAY(B6)

Syntax =MONTH(serial_number)
So the formula I have put =MONTH(B6)

Syntax =YEAR(serial_number)
So the formula I have put =YEAR(B6)
That is how it works.
You can download my excel file which is shown as example from the given link below.

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