Lesson#121: How to make some cells unprotected when protecting a sheet

OK, I am having a sheet here which calculate the age when birth date is provided. I need to protect the sheet before giving it to users. So none of them change the structure or formula. But I also need

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Lesson#87: How to make month wise auto updating program schedule

Previously I have discussed in a post Lesson#39: Cool tricks to make automatically updating gantt chart without using excel chart It was a day wise scheduling format. Here I will show how to make a month wise scheduling format. First

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Lesson#56: How to make birthday reminder in excel

Here I am having a employee database and I have to make a birthday reminder from it. It needs a little tricks to make it. I have inserted to columns beside the DOB column, Upcoming Birthdays this Month and Birthday Today In

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Lesson#52: Let’s check your lifeline with Excel

Just a different exercise of excel. I have downloaded a list country wise average life expectancy by WHO. Lets check where are we in our lifeline by this sheet. Lets take an input of date of birth from user. I

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