Lesson#107: How did I add MS Project features in Excel project schedule

Here I will discuss a long topic about Excel gantt chart making. I will show how I made my excel chart work like ms project schedule by adding some basic features. Some basic features of ms project which I added

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Lesson#87: How to make month wise auto updating program schedule

Previously I have discussed in a post Lesson#39: Cool tricks to make automatically updating gantt chart without using excel chart It was a day wise scheduling format. Here I will show how to make a month wise scheduling format. First

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Lesson#77: Scope breakup program schedule and explaining formula

Here I have got a case when my colleague was working with a project schedule. He had a schedule with start date, end date and scope and he had to breakup the scope month wise. With a long schedule this

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Lesson#76: Difference between EDATE and EOMONTH

What is function EDATE? EDATE returns the serial number format date with a same day before or after specified number of months of a specified date. Syntax of EDATE isĀ EDATE(start_date, months) start_date: A date in a valid serial number format

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