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Short Tips#0040: AND, OR, XOR,NOT functions

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Lesson#86: Logic Gates in Excel

So I show you here how the logic gates can be configured in Excel. AND gate Q = A AND B So here the formula for getting AND result will be =IF(AND(J20=1,K20=1),1,0) NAND gate Q = A NAND B So here the formula for

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Lesson#77: Scope breakup program schedule and explaining formula

Here I have got a case when my colleague was working with a project schedule. He had a schedule with start date, end date and scope and he had to breakup the scope month wise. With a long schedule this

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Lesson#40: OR function

OR function checks whether any of the arguments are TRUE then it returns TRUE or it will return FALSE.Syntax of that function is OR(logical1, logical2, ….)Example: Here I have shown an example where the values of C column is going to be

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