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Lesson#107: How did I add MS Project features in Excel project schedule

Here I will discuss a long topic about Excel gantt chart making. I will show how I made my excel chart work like ms project schedule by adding some basic features. Some basic features of ms project which I added

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Lesson#101: Make hyperlink of all files and folders in worksheet within a minute

Here in this post I will show you how to make hyperlink of all files and folders in worksheet. This can be done very easily. Often we need to make the summary of soft copies and link those files in

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Lesson#88: How to make a Payslip format from Employee database

So my friend, I will here discuss an important lesson which are really required for office people. That is how to make a salary slip from an employee database. This is not about salary slip only, we can make many

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Lesson#87: How to make month wise auto updating program schedule

Previously I have discussed in a post Lesson#39: Cool tricks to make automatically updating gantt chart without using excel chart It was a day wise scheduling format. Here I will show how to make a month wise scheduling format. First

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Lesson#77: Scope breakup program schedule and explaining formula

Here I have got a case when my colleague was working with a project schedule. He had a schedule with start date, end date and scope and he had to breakup the scope month wise. With a long schedule this

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Lesson#75: Get a new fresh formatted sheet every time when you click button

Hello friend. In this post I will show how to get a new fresh formatted sheet every time when you click button in excel sheet. That thing exactly needed for making invoice in a store, shop or office.  Here I

Lesson#56: How to make birthday reminder in excel

Here I am having a employee database and I have to make a birthday reminder from it. It needs a little tricks to make it. I have inserted to columns beside the DOB column, Upcoming Birthdays this Month and Birthday Today In

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Lesson#49: Make a parent gantt chart from a data table

Here I have to make a parent gantt chart from a data table. It is a gantt chart summary as per BOQ (Bill of Quantities) Item and RA Bill No. wise. This bar chart will be followed with chainage value

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Lesson#27: How to make a calendar in excel without VBA

In this post we will learn to make a calendar which will take input of month from 1 (JAN) to 12 (DEC) and year in numeric format and show the whole month calendar. 1st Step: Make a 2×2 table like

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Lesson#25: Function WEEKNUM has a good use for construction people

Lesson 25 is a discussion about the function WEEKNUM. This function returns the week number in a year. Syntax of this function is WEEKNUM(serial_number,[return_type]) where serial_number is a date and [return_type] is optional. A number that determines on which day the week begins.

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