Lesson#103: Ways to find duplicate values in a worksheet

Often we need to find the duplicate values in Excel worksheet. Here in this post I will discuss some methods to find duplicate values in a worksheet. 1st Method: Function MODE and MODE.MULT Excel MODE function returns the most frequently occurring

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Lesson#65: Inserting Slicer and Timeline in PIvottable

Slicer and Timeline are just a more interactive filter. We can show pivot of filtered data by clicking on them. Clicking on Pivottable shows the PIVOTTABLE TOOLS tab. There you have to click on the Insert Slicer. It will show a

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Lesson#58: How to analyse data with Pivottable

PivotTable has very powerful features to analyze data. One of them is PivotChart. PivotChart is a different feature of Pivot Tools to represent the PivotTable data with chart. Here I am having a practice with employee database and sharing you

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Lesson#56: How to make birthday reminder in excel

Here I am having a employee database and I have to make a birthday reminder from it. It needs a little tricks to make it. I have inserted to columns beside the DOB column, Upcoming Birthdays this Month and Birthday Today In

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