Lesson#116: How to name a range in excel

This post will teach you the basic concept of Name Manager. Here I will show how to name a range in excel. You can also create name for range, reference or formula to work in the spreadsheet easily. Above picture

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Lesson#106: How to lookup picture in excel

Okay friends here I will show you an interesting tricks about Excel. That is how to lookup picture in excel. We haveĀ  learned looking up values from a table but looking up picture from table is little different. Here in

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Short Tips#0056: How to solve Name Conflict Error

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Lesson#102: How to avoid name conflict error when copying a sheet in Excel

In this post I will discuss about a serious problem faced by many Excel users. When ever we try to copy a sheet Excel sometimes shows an error like. The name already exist… When you press OK to it shown

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