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Lesson#128: Formula to make serial no auto arranged when filtered

Here I will show how to make auto arranged serial no when you filter a column. This post will be very useful to many excel users like me. Suppose you are using a data sheet and you need filter certain

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Lesson#117: How to split up characters of text in excel

Here I will show you a nice trick to split up characters of text in excel. You can see in the above picture I am having a merged cell to put a text in it. I will develop a formula which

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Lesson#112: Calculate the match percentage of text which matches another text.

Here I will discuss a interesting formula. With this formula we can calculate percentage of a text matching with another text. In the above picture I have shown two cells. First cell having a long text value and the second

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Short Tips#0055: Formula to find closest value in an array from higher side

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Short Tips#0054: Formula to find closest value in an array from lower side

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Short Tips#0003: Finding exact middle character(s) of text

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Lesson#87: How to make month wise auto updating program schedule

Previously I have discussed in a post Lesson#39: Cool tricks to make automatically updating gantt chart without using excel chart It was a day wise scheduling format. Here I will show how to make a month wise scheduling format. First

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Lesson#81: Making an automatic analog clock in excel with pie chart

Previously I had discussed about how to make an analog clock with piechart in excel. I am sharing the post link below. Lesson#61: Making a semi analog clock with pie chart Now I will add some simple VBA to make

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Lesson#77: Scope breakup program schedule and explaining formula

Here I have got a case when my colleague was working with a project schedule. He had a schedule with start date, end date and scope and he had to breakup the scope month wise. With a long schedule this

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Lesson#61: Making a semi analog clock with pie chart

OK friends! How is everyone. Now in this post we will learn an unusual trick to make a semi analog clock with Pie Chart. Let’s see. First I have made 3X3 table for hour, minute, second of current time.  

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