Excel Shortcuts

Action1st Key2nd Key3rd Key4th Key
Create a new workbookCtrlN
Open a workbookCtrlO
Save a workbookCtrlS
Save asF12
Print a fileCtrlP
Open the print preview windowCtrlF2
Close current workbookCtrlF4
Close Excel completelyAltFF4
Expand or collapse the ribbonCtrlF1
Activate access keysAlt
Move to next ribbon controlTab
Activate or open selected controlSpace
Confirm and apply control changeEnter
Get help on selected controlF1
Open optionsAltFT
Open helpF1
Undo last actionCtrlZ
Redo last actionCtrlY
Repeat last actionF4
Copy selected cellsCtrlC
Cut selected cellsCtrlX
Paste content from clipboardCtrlV
Paste Special dialog boxCtrlAltV
Find and replaceCtrlF
Find and replace, replace selectedCtrlH
Find the next matchShiftF4
Find the previous matchCtrlShiftF4
Create a chartAltF1
Create a chart in a new worksheetF11
Insert tableCtrlT
Toggle AutofilterCtrlShiftL
Activate filterAlt
Select table rowShiftSpace
Select table columnCtrlSpace
Select tableCtrlA
Clear slicer filterAltC
Toggle table total rowCtrlShiftT
Move to next cell at right
Move to next cell at left
Move to next cell at up
Move to next cell at down
Move one screen rightAltPgDn
Move one screen leftAltPgUp
Move one screen upPgUp
Move one screen downPgDn
Move to right edge of worksheetCtrl
Move to left edge of worksheetCtrl
Move to top edge of worksheetCtrl
Move to bottom edge of worksheetCtrl
Move to beginning of rowHome
Move to last cell in worksheetCtrlEnd
Move to first cell in worksheetCtrlHome
Turn End mode onEnd
Go back to hyperlinkCtrlGEnter
Select entire rowShiftSpace
Select entire columnCtrlSpace
Select entire worksheetCtrlA
Add adjacent cells to selectionShiftClick
Add non-adjacent cells to selectionCtrlClick
Move right between non-adjacent selectionsCtrl
Move left between non-adjacent selectionsCtrl
Toggle add to selection modeShiftF8
Cancel selectionEsc
Extend selection by one cell rightShift
Extend selection by one cell leftShift
Extend selection by one cell upShift
Extend selection by one cell downShift
Extend the selection to the last cell rightCtrlShift
Extend the selection to the last cell leftCtrlShift
Extend the selection to the last cell upCtrlShift
Extend the selection to the last cell downCtrlShift
Extend selection up one screenShiftPgUp
Extend selection down one screenShiftPgDn
Extend selection right one screenAltShiftPgDn
Extend selection left one screenAltShiftPgUp
Extend selection to start of rowShiftHome
Extend selection to first cell in worksheetCtrlShiftHome
Extend selection to last cell in worksheetCtrlShiftEnd
Toggle extend selection modeF8
Move active cell clockwise in selectionCtrl.
Move active cell down in selectionEnter
Move active cell up in selectionShiftEnter
Move active cell right in a selectionTab
Move active cell left in a selectionShiftTab
Display 'Go To' dialog boxCtrlG
Select cells with commentsCtrlShiftO
Select current region around active cellCtrlShift*
Select current regionCtrlA
Select current arrayCtrl/
Select row differencesCtrl\
Select column differencesCtrlShift|
Select direct precedentsCtrl[
Select all precedentsCtrlShift{
Select direct dependentsCtrl]
Select all dependentsCtrlShift}
Select visible cells onlyAlt;
Edit the active cellF2
Insert or edit commentShiftF2
Cancel entryEsc
Select one character rightShift
Select one character leftShift
Move one word rightCtrl
Move one word leftCtrl
Select one word rightCtrlShift
Select one word leftCtrlShift
Select to beginning of cellShiftHome
Select to end of cellShiftEnd
Delete to end of lineCtrlDelete
Delete character to the left of cursorBackspace
Delete character to the right of cursorDelete
Start a new line in the same cellAltEnter
Enter and go downEnter
Enter and go upShiftEnter
Enter and go rightTab
Enter and go leftShiftTab
Complete entry and stay in same cellCtrlEnter
Enter same data in multiple cellsCtrlEnter
Insert current dateCtrl;
Insert current timeCtrlShift:
Fill down from cell aboveCtrlD
Fill right from cell leftCtrlR
Copy formula from cell aboveCtrl'
Copy value from cell aboveCtrlShift"
Add a hyperlinkCtrlK
Display AutoComplete listAlt
Flash fillCtrlE
Format any cell(s)Ctrl1
Display Format Cells with Font tab selectedCtrlShiftF
Apply or remove bold formattingCtrlB
Apply or remove italic formattingCtrlI
Apply or remove underscoringCtrlU
Apply or remove strikethrough formattingCtrl5
Align centerAltHAC
Align leftAltHAL
Align rightAltHAR
Remove indentAltH5
Increase font size one stepAltHFG
Decrease font size one stepAltHFK
Apply general formatCtrlShift~
Apply currency formatCtrlShift$
Apply percentage formatCtrlShift%
Apply scientific formatCtrlShift^
Apply date formatCtrlShift#
Apply time formatCtrlShift@
Apply number formatCtrlShift!
Add border outlineCtrlShift&
Add or remove border rightAltR
Add or remove border leftAltL
Add or remove border topAltT
Add or remove border bottomAltB
Remove bordersCtrlShift_
Toggle absolute and relative referencesF4
Open the Insert Function Dialog BoxShiftF3
Autosum selected cellsAlt=
Toggle formulas on and offCtrl`
Insert function argumentsCtrlShiftA
Enter array formulaCtrlShiftEnter
Calculate worksheetsF9
Calculate active worksheetShiftF9
Evaluate part of a formulaF9
Expand or collapse the formula barCtrlShiftU
Display function arguments dialog boxCtrlA
Define nameCtrlF3
Define name using row and column labelsCtrlShiftF3
Accept function with autocompleteTab
Display Insert Dialog boxCtrlShift+
Insert rowsCtrlShift+
Insert columnsCtrlShift+
Display Delete dialog boxCtrl-
Delete rowsCtrl-
Delete columnsCtrl-
Delete cellsCtrl-
Delete contents of selected cellsDelete
Hide columnsCtrl0
Hide rowsCtrl9
Unhide rowsCtrlShift9
Unhide columnsCtrlShift0
Group rows or columnsAltShift
Ungroup rows or columnsAltShift
Open Group Dialog BoxAltShift
Open Ungroup Dialog BoxAltShift
Hide or show outline symbolsCtrl8
Zoom inCtrlAlt+
Zoom outCtrlAlt-
Select entire pivot tableCtrlA
Toggle pivot table field checkboxSpace
Group pivot table itemsAltShift
Ungroup pivot table itemsAltShift
Hide pivot table itemCtrl-
Create pivot chart on new worksheetF11
Open pivot table wizardAltDP
Insert new worksheetShift
Go to next worksheetCtrlPgDn
Go to previous worksheetCtrlPgUp
Move to next paneF6
Move to previous paneShiftF6
Go to next workbookCtrlTab
Go to previous workbookCtrlShiftTab
Minimize current workbook windowCtrlF9
Maximize current workbook windowCtrlF10
Select adjacent worksheetsShiftClick
Select non-adjacent worksheetsCtrlClick
Toggle full screenCtrlShiftF1
Move to next controlTab
Move to previous controlShiftTab
Move to next tabCtrlTab
Move to previous tabCtrlShiftTab
Accept and applyEnter
Check and uncheck boxSpace
Cancel and close the dialog boxEsc
Open Spelling dialog boxF7
Open Thesaurus dialog boxShiftF7
Open Macro dialog boxAltF8
Open VBA EditorAltF11
Duplicate objectCtrlD
Snap to gridAlt
Hide or show objectsCtrl6
Display Modify Cell Style dialog boxAlt'
Display right-click menuShiftF10
Delete commentShiftF10D
Display control menuAltSpace