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Lesson#121: How to make some cells unprotected when protecting a sheet

OK, I am having a sheet here which calculate the age when birth date is provided. I need to protect the sheet before giving it to users. So none of them change the structure or formula. But I also need

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Lesson#120: What is Input Box in VBA?

What is Input Box? In VBA Input Box is a function that allows you to request information from the user who can type it in a text field of a dialog box. The basic syntax of this function is: InputBox(prompt[,

Lesson#119: What is Message Box in VBA?

What is Message Box? A message box is a special dialog box used to display a piece of information to the user. The user cannot type anything in the message box. There are usually two kinds of message boxes you

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Lesson#118: Format only cells that contain

Have you seen this Conditional Formatting option – Format only cells that contain? If not then you must remember that this option make many works of yours easier with Conditional Formatting. Then you need to go to Conditional Formatting>New Rule Then

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Lesson#116: How to name a range in excel

This post will teach you the basic concept of Name Manager. Here I will show how to name a range in excel. You can also create name for range, reference or formula to work in the spreadsheet easily. Above picture

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Lesson#115: Information functions with Conditional Formatting

Here I will share a general tips about Conditional Formatting and some Information functions. These functions are ISBLANK, ISERR, ISERROR, ISEVEN, ISFORMULA, ISLOGICAL, ISNA, ISNONTEXT, ISNUMBER, ISODD, ISREF, ISTEXT. You can use these functions to highlight specified type of values among an array. ISBLANK function highlights blank cells among an array of values.

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Lesson#103: Ways to find duplicate values in a worksheet

Often we need to find the duplicate values in Excel worksheet. Here in this post I will discuss some methods to find duplicate values in a worksheet. 1st Method: Function MODE and MODE.MULT Excel MODE function returns the most frequently occurring

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Lesson#102: How to avoid name conflict error when copying a sheet in Excel

In this post I will discuss about a serious problem faced by many Excel users. When ever we try to copy a sheet Excel sometimes shows an error like. The name already exist… When you press OK to it shown

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Lesson#92: How to highlight a column values depending upon the column values next to it

Hello Friend! I am back again with my another post. This post is about Conditional Formatting. Here I will show how to highlight a column values depending upon the column values next to it. In this above picture I am

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Lesson#85: Adding or subtracting to Time is not same as Date in excel

Hello my reader friend how are you? Hope fine. Today I will discuss a small but important topic in Excel. It is adding or subtracting to Date and Time. Almost all of us know how to add to date value