Lesson#59: If A=1, Z=26 then calculate the value of your name

This sheet can calculate the value of your name or any word by summing every letter with alphabetical order.

Here I have created a box to input a word.

I have put this formula =LEN(B2) to calculate the length of the word.

Now I have written A-Z in a column and in the next column I have written the order of alphabet.


Now in a column I have put the formula =IF(COUNTIF($J$1:$J1,”*”)+1<=$D$12,MID($B$2,COUNTIF($J$1:$J1,”*”)+1,1),””) and I will drag it down in the column. This formula will extract the letter from the word.

In the next column I will put the formula =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(UPPER(J2),$P$2:$Q$27,2,FALSE),0). This formula will lookup the value of every letter as per alphabetical order. 

Now I have made sum of values.

This is how it works.

I have provided the download link of the file. Download and try it.


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