Lesson#109: Tricks to make a dancing chart in excel

 Here I will show you funny trick to make a dancing chart in excel.

For that you have to follow some steps.

1. Make a range of data names like A, B, C, D…..

2. Then put values against these names with RANDBETWEEN formula by putting any arbitrary lower and upper values.


3. Then select the whole data and insert a chart.

Now I will add some simple VBA to make the clock auto refreshed every second. So I have taken these simple steps.

Making an automatic analog clock in excel with pie chart

4. From the Developer Tab I have inserted a Button (Form Control) and clicked on New in Assign Macro window

Making an automatic analog clock in excel with pie chart

5. Opening the VBA editor I added this code

Sub Button2_Click()
Call refreshcell
End Sub
Sub refreshcell()
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue(“00:00:1”), “refreshcell”
End Sub


6. Edited the button text and size just look good.

7. Save this sheet as a macro enabled workbook in .xlsm format.

Now see every second this sheet is auto refreshing the clock. I put that button to call the function refreshcell()
if the sheet doesn’t start to refresh itself automatically after opening it.

I have given the download link of the file. Click here to download.

Puspendu is the founder author of Excelabcd. He is a creative person, blogger and Excel-maniac guy.

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