Lesson#97: Examples for column and bar chart

Here I will show you some examples for column chart and bar chart as well as. Column chart can be used to represent data or values graphically which are arranged in categories.

Here we are having an whole year average temperature data for some cities. Making a column chart is very easy with it.

You have to select the cells which contain the data table and go to Insert>Charts>Column Chart

This is column chart with average temperature data of cities.

Now we have another example of football player’s skills data got from Fifa video games. In this example we have more than one categories for each of name.

Here also it is same that you have to select the whole table  and go to Insert>Charts>Column Chart

This chart appears like this shown in above picture.  Different colors of columns for each skill arranged in group for every player. So these are typical examples of column chart.

In the same way you can easily make bar chart also. You have select the data table and Insert a bar chart like the above pictures.

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