Lesson#96: How to HLOOKUP chart from a drop down menu in Excel

So here is another important lesson for you. How to HLOOKUP chart from a drop down menu in Excel? Here I am having a table. Table contents skill set data of six players. Here I will show you how to HLOOKUP the chart from there.

First you have to make a drop down menu from Data Validation (List).

For that you have to go to Data>Data Validation then select List below Allow. Clicking on the source button you have to select the skill set name list to insert in the menu.

Now you drop down is ready and I have put the player names at the left column.

Now you have to HLOOKUP the data from above table. Like I have shown in the above picture.

Now you have to go to Insert>Charts>Insert Stock, Surface or Radar Chart and then you insert a Radar Chart.

After inserting a blank chart in the worksheet you have to right click on the chart and click on select data. Click that button beside Chart data range. Select all the area where you made HLOOKUP. See the above picture.

Now Enter and click on OK. Now select any skill from drop down menu then the chart area will show the chart for selected skill only and for all players. So that is how to HLOOKUP chart from a drop down menu in Excel.

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