Lesson#134: Excel errors and why it shows

We know about errors in excel. We face different types of errors when working in excel. Today I will discuss about different types of errors and why it shows.


It’s meaning is division by zero. When a value is divided by 0 (zero) or a blank cell then it shows a error #DIV/0!


It’s meaning is no value available. This error shows when the formula doesn’t have the required value entered in cells from where it takes reference.


It shows when excel doesn’t recognize a name or when you incorrectly enter range or when you enter a incomplete formula.

See the formula is incorrectly typed VLOKUP instead of VLOOKUP so it shows a #NAME? error.


This error occurs when you insert space instead of comma between ranges (
which doesn’t intersect) during function operation.


This error occurs when a formula gives a result of too big number that is not possible to represent in worksheet.


This error occurs when any cell reference in a formula gets deleted.


This error occur when you input a wrong type argument or operator in function.

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