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Name of Video
Basic Operations in Excel
How to use the function SUM
Function AVERAGE
Showing Percentage
Function MAX and MIN
Function TODAY and NOW
Functions DAY, MONTH, YEAR
Function DATE
Use of "&" in Excel
Function MOD
Functions POWER and SQRT
Functions LEFT and RIGHT
Function MID
How to use the function IF
How to use the function VLOOKUP
What are functions SUM, PRODUCT and SUMPRODUCT?
Text functions UPPER, LOWER, TRIM and PROPER
Combination of INDEX, MATCH is the best lookup
Know these functions WEEKDAY, WEEKNUM
How to calculate age in Excel?
Function CHAR and CODE
What is NESTED IF?
How to combine NESTED IF with VLOOKUP
What is HLOOKUP?
Function SUMIF
What is IFERROR function?
Combination of IFERROR and VLOOKUP
AND function
OR function
How to use the Dollar "$" in excel?
Function LEN
Function LARGE and SMALL
Function FIND
Combination of VLOOKUP and WEEKDAY
Function EDATE and EOMONTH
How to transpose a table in excel?
Function ROW and COLUMN
Function ROWS and COLUMNS
Introduction to Conditional Formatting
How to make a day wise auto updating work schedule with Conditional Formatting
How to hyperlink all files, folders in a directory very easily
How to color alternate rows or columns of entire sheet at once
Currency to word converter in excel
How to format a particular number in array automatically
Simple trick to color all the Sundays in list of dates at once
Make an ON/OFF switch for Conditional Formatting
How to color blank cells only in Excel

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