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Lesson#127: Trick to make a color picker with VBA

An easy and simple trick to make a color picker will be shown here. Here I have made a color palette by coloring different cell with different colors. This palette allows us to pick different type of color by selecting

Lesson#126: Making a simple color tester with VBA

Here I will show you how to make a simple color tester with VBA. This color tester is having only one big button. It will take input from the user for the value of Red, Green and Blue. Then it

Lesson#125: How to use function with VBA

Hello we are back again with a very basic VBA learning topic. How to use function with VBA. Here I am having an array with some random numeric values in the range A1:A10. I want to make SUM, AVERAGE, MAX,

Lesson#124: How to format text in excel with VBA

Another step towards learning VBA. In this post we will learn to format text in excel with VBA. In the previous post I discussed about changing cell background color and about color codes. So we will start in a little

Lesson#123: How to change cell color with VBA

Here I will show how to change cell color by using VBA. These are the basic lessons for learning VBA. There are some methods to write a code to change cell background color. Here I have picked a cell range

Lesson#120: What is Input Box in VBA?

What is Input Box? In VBA Input Box is a function that allows you to request information from the user who can type it in a text field of a dialog box. The basic syntax of this function is: InputBox(prompt[,

Lesson#119: What is Message Box in VBA?

What is Message Box? A message box is a special dialog box used to display a piece of information to the user. The user cannot type anything in the message box. There are usually two kinds of message boxes you

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Lesson#109: Tricks to make a dancing chart in excel

┬áHere I will show you funny trick to make a dancing chart in excel. For that you have to follow some steps. 1. Make a range of data names like A, B, C, D….. 2. Then put values against these

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Lesson#91: Insert rows in worksheet using VBA

In this post we shall take a VBA lesson which is how to insert rows in worksheet using VBA. So for this you have to open an excel worksheet and press Alt+F11 to go to VBA editor. For inserting a

Lesson#81: Making an automatic analog clock in excel with pie chart

Previously I had discussed about how to make an analog clock with piechart in excel. I am sharing the post link below. Lesson#61: Making a semi analog clock with pie chart Now I will add some simple VBA to make

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